Who We Are

Kate Stilitz

Kate Stilitz

I am a composer, creative learning consultant, teacher and multidisciplinary artist specialising in creating new musical works for and with young people and bringing music and the arts to the heart of learning in Primary and Secondary schools.

I train teachers and create school and community-based projects and programmes for young people and intergenerational groups across Britain.

These projects offer participants opportunities to develop their creativity through dynamic interdisciplinary arts projects and participate in high-quality performances of vibrant, ambitious new works.

My work ranges from Musicals inspired by myths and folktales to song cycles that tell stories from the natural world.

Recent works Meadowsong and One Small Bird have provided an opportunity for schools across Britain to connect with stories from the natural world through music, the arts, science, English and outdoor learning. I am currently collaborating with RSPB and WWF on the Meadowsong National Primary Schools’ programme.

Kate Hopewell

Kate Hopewell

I am a fully qualified teacher and Specialist Leader of Education for Drama who now works as a Creative Learning Specialist, training teachers UK-wide and internationally. I also work with students aged 2-18 years, providing in-class workshops and creating whole company theatrical productions.

I use creative, 3D learning techniques to unlock learning potential of all students. My activities are low-entry, high ceiling, ensuring that any young person has the ability to engage with core curriculum areas in a deep and meaningful way, eliciting high-quality written outcomes and a heightened level of understanding.

My goal is to ensure all teachers have access to meaningful CPD opportunities and feel empowered to work creatively with their students. My activities are designed to make all areas of the core curriculum accessible, releasing the full potential of those learners who may have previously struggled to overcome barriers to learning.

I work as an independent Creative Learning Specialist and also on behalf of clients such as: The National Theatre, The Unicorn Theatre, Brickwall Productions for BBC Bitesize.


“Kate Stilitz has a deeply infectious enthusiasm for music, the arts and the natural world. Her creativity and musical prowess are incredibly impressive and she has a rare ability to inspire those around her to believe not only that they can achieve amazing things, but that they must.”

Martyn Foster

Head of Education, Families and Youth, RSPB

“Kate Hopewell has an extensive understanding of the primary school context as well as an in-depth knowledge of theatre and creative learning. She always brings a fresh perspective, lots of ideas and an infectious energy to all of her work. She is extremely good at presenting creative approaches to learning in a way which is accessible to teachers and exciting and engaging for pupils. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Jackie Tait

National Theatre

“The Meadowong training I’ve attended today has been absolutely brilliant – probably the best training I’ve ever been on, so if you get a chance to go on it, go on it. It’s well worth it.”

Yr 3 teacher, North Lincolnshire Meadowsong training.

“Kate Sitliz has a gift for writing music that is stylistically imaginative, eminently suitable for children’s voices and conveys messages of deep significance.”

Peter Desmond

Head of Haringey Music Service

“‘Wow!’ – Well, words aren’t enough to express my thanks to Kate Hopewell for offering my staff such an uplifting, energising and creative experience. It really exceeded my hopes and dreams!

The energy and passion in delivery is totally inspiring.

I really hope that this is the start of our journey in working with you and that we can arrange to spread your energy and happiness as well as confidence and creativity further in the future.

Thank you so much.”

Suzanne Stace

Head teacher, Westfield Primary School, Berkhamsted