The Song Cycles

Our song cycles, Meadowsong,  and One Small Bird (co-composed with Jilly Jarman) were commissioned by Haringey. Both projects culminated in performances at the Royal Albert Hall by choirs of 2,000 young singers and instrumentalists, including the Haringey Youth Orchestra. 

Massed school performances of One Small Bird have since taken place at Minack Theatre in Cornwall, in North Lakeland, South Lakeland and as an intergenerational performance project at Mareel Arts Centre in Lerwick for the Shetland Nature Festival.

To date, the  Meadowsong Programme has travelled across England delivering full-day CPD workshops designed for Year 3 teachers, music and science leads in 13 localities, engaging with over 300 schools.

Following the success of the Meadowsong programme in 2020 and 2022, we are expanding our reach and offer. 

Our goal is to provide meaningful teacher training to as many teachers across the UK as possible, ensuring that students nationwide receive creative and engaging learning experiences that heighten engagement, understanding and progress in core curriculum areas.