Our Programmes

Our song cycle projects and schools’ programmes put creativity and music at the centre of learning.

This unique approach embeds powerful musical stories within the core Primary curriculum ensuring deep, memorable, connected learning experiences that are accessible to every child.

Year 1 – Song, of the Seasons  |  Year 3 – Meadowsong  |  Year 4/5 – One Small Bird

Songs of the Seasons

Seasonal Change, KS1

An offer that provides a creative and immersive approach to the Seasonal Changes unit of learning. Our song cycle will guide students through a year of seasonal changes, accompanied by a range of creative, cross-curricular learning strategies that will elicit oral, written and artistic learning outcomes. Targeting not only this area of the Science curriculum, the programme addresses core English objectives in Poetry and Non-Fiction units and speaks directly to the KS1 Music curriculum..

Our song cycle,  Song of the Seasons, consists of 5 songs that take students on an atmospheric journey through the seasons. Using accessible, stylistically imaginative music and lyrics featuring rich and scientific language, the songs evoke the changes in weather, length of the day and the processes in nature that occur with each change in season.

The programme has flexible usage. It can be revisited as seasons change, with each stage of the song cycle used to bring the learning to life and resulting in beautiful outcomes throughout the year. It also has the potential to lead to an immersive KS1 performance, featuring all songs and other outcomes. The programme promotes a sense of connected learning over the school year and can be celebrated in any way a school chooses.

This offer will include a CPD day that guides teachers through drama and other creative learning strategies to unlock learning potential and increase understanding, engagement, communication and language skills. It will also include an introduction to the song cycle.

The day will conclude with a shared planning session that will support teachers in embedding all activities and music in their unit medium-term planning.

All teachers will receive detailed guides to the activities and access to the song cycle for use in class and for performance, depending on individual school preference.


Plants, Year 3

Meadowsong is an immersive, interdisciplinary approach to teaching arts and science. The programme supports students and teachers to connect with nature in their school grounds and local outdoor spaces. All students will become wildflower experts, able to identify plants and wildlife,  recognise the importance and beauty of the natural world around them and to take ownership of their own environment by the creation of wildflower areas in all participating schools.

Following the success of its initial nationwide tour, our CPD day, accompanying music and resources are now available to all areas across the UK.

The CPD will guide teachers through creative learning strategies that bring core curriculum areas of English and Science to life using drama and other 3D learning techniques, all set against a powerful song cycle that ensures student engagement with their Plants unit. 

Following the CPD, teachers will receive detailed guidance for all creative learning activities and access to the song cycle music resources. This offer also includes a detailed scheme of work, designed by teachers, for teachers. The comprehensive planning covers English, Science, Art, Music and Dance and can be used in its entirety or as a foundation for existing school plans. 

On return to school, teachers will guide their students through the enriched curriculum and will celebrate the conclusion of the learning unit with the creation of a wildflower meadow, garden or planted area. They also have the option of creating a final performance of the song cycle that can be shared with families and wider school communities.

*Based on teacher feedback, we are offering repeat visits to areas across the UK that may occur every two years in order to meet training needs due to staff changes in each area.

One Small Bird

Locational, Human and Physical Geography, KS2

This programme will explore core curriculum areas in KS2 Geography, built around a powerful song cycle that explores the migration of one of Britain’s rarest birds, the red-necked phalarope, as it navigates its way to South America. It is embedded with creative, 3D learning strategies and unites this area of learning with core areas of the English curriculum, in particular Poetry and Non-Fiction and PSHE.

The narrative behind the song cycle is the foundation on which students will develop their geographical knowledge. They will map out the journey of the ‘One Small Bird’,understanding the significance of latitude, longitude, the Equator, Northern and Southern Hemispheres, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and the Arctic and Antartic Circle. They will explore the locations, characteristics, physical and human geography of locations the bird flies over, the impact of environmental changes on habitats and will develop a deep connection to the subject area as they marvel at the strength and determination of this ‘One Small Bird.’

Students will discuss, research, write about and reflect on the narrative within the song cycle. They will use and create poetry. They will use art, movement and other creative forms to bring the journey to life. They will use ‘One Small Bird’ as a basis for Growth Mindset, considering the hurdles ‘One Small Bird’ must overcome, applying their thinking to inform their own approaches to the challenges they might face.

Our CPD day will provide strategies that overcome barriers to learning, deepen empathy and understanding and target reading, speaking and writing curriculum objectives, alongside Geography and Music.

We will once again unify the project with accompanying music that addresses the Upper KS2 music curriculum whilst also acting as a backdrop to other core curriculum lessons, heightening emotional connection in order to elicit high quality learning outcomes.

“The music makes you believe the story, it is so powerful and has such a distinctive story behind it that’s true. It’s about a small bird that’s doing its best and trying to achieve its goal, and eventually, it does.” 


Yr 5 pupil - One Small Bird

“As primary coordinator in Haringey, I was involved with all the schools that took part in the One Small Bird project and I have to say, it was the most fantastic thing to do…to have heard it and be part of it at the Royal Albert Hall was an extraordinary, amazing experience for all of us.”

Catty Alberman

Haringey Primary Music Coordinator