About Us

Our Approach

Our combined experience in education has shown us the powerful impact of Music and Creative Arts on children’s learning outcomes, self-confidence, collaboration and communication skills and emotional well being.

Our partnership has led to the development of uniquely powerful programmes that are scaffolded around unique song cycles and a wide range of creative learning strategies. This way of working ensures a deep and enriched learning experience for both students and teachers.

We provide teacher training that places creative learning approaches and ambitious, accessible musical experiences at the heart of learning, guaranteeing high-quality curriculum outcomes and providing skills and techniques that can be used time and again.

Our work with Music Hubs, Local Education Authorities and Arts Organisations provides opportunities for schools to participate in vibrant, high-quality, large-scale performances and to celebrate learning achievements within their own school communities.

How it Works

We know that the arts facilitate profound levels of engagement. They provide opportunities for all learners to explore, emotionally connect and empathise in a unique and powerful way. Learning potential can only be truly realised when each young person is offered a variety of routes to access the subject area they are given. 

We know that by giving teachers meaningful, engaging  and practical CPD we instil confidence to work with students in new and exciting ways. CPD is the starting point for any of our programmes and projects, it is the foundation of everything we do. Our one-day CPD sessions result in heightened ability to adopt 3D learning strategies that unlock learning potential and can be applied across all areas of the curriculum and in all school settings. 

Our music and dynamic creative learning strategies unlock the curriculum, targeting core areas of the Primary curriculum: English,  in tandem with other curriculum areas, be they humanities or Science. Our CPD provides the tools to take all students on a journey they will never forget.

Alongside our core programmes, we offer bespoke creative projects that focus on Music, Drama, Spoken Word, Art and Movement.


“I can’t speak highly enough of the Meadowsong programme. My class absolutely loved it. To get all the children enthused across all aspects of the curriculum – I’ve never experienced that before!”

Hayley Hudson

YR3 teacher & SENCO, Gayton Primary, Wirral

“(The Meadowsong CPD) is the best training I’ve had in 20 years. This is at the heart of education. It’s something that every school needs to do. Every single thing – the poetry, the songs, the stories. Every experience we’ve had today is clear,  concise and shows you step by step how to create that awe and wonder”

Winnie Smith

Warren Primary School, Essex